Home Chef – Review

For the last two months, my husband and I have been using Home Chef for a lot of our weekly meals.  Since he works full-time and I spend most of my days writing and working on freelance jobs, planning out meals often becomes a task I dread.  I work from home and I come from a family of home cooks, so I really enjoy the art and the act of cooking, even if the planning is not as fun.

Home Chef lets me cook fun meals without the stress of making a trip to the grocery store and making lists of ingredients (where I often forget things I need and have to go back to the store).

I know this review doesn’t necessarily relate to writer things or geeky things, but I will say that Home Chef has given me more time to write and alleviated some of the tension that goes with weekly meal planning, which I’m sure improves my work as a writer.

My more in-depth review will be below, but if you would like to try Home Chef with $30 discount, here is my referral link:


The Pros:

  • Everything is Included – Except for common items like cooking spray, salt and pepper, each Home Chef meals include all the ingredients you need to make each meal.
  • Home Chef has a LOT of meals to choose from – When you join Home Chef, you are able to choose certain types of meals: Low-Carb, Low-Calorie, Vegetarian, Soy-free, Gluten-Free.  If you select these options, Home Chef will automatically pick them for your next order.  You can also go in and customize.  One week, my husband and I wanted to try their Monte Cristo French Toast sandwich, instead of our usual Low-Calorie meals.  It was easy to customize our order.  You can also add/subtract/skip meals as you need to.
  • The meals are easy to cook – Each meal provides a step by step walkthrough of the recipe, complete with pictures.  The instructions are easy to follow, and when read carefully, I’ve been able to do things like use a little less butter or oil, to make our meals a bit more healthy.
  • Good for picky eaters – One of the reasons I waited to try a “meal service” was because I am an incredibly picky eater.  With Home Chef, I have a lot of freedom to choose the meals, but I am also able to skip parts of the meals that may not be appetizing to me.  I am not a fan of sauces or gravies, but my husband loves them.  When I plate our meals, I usually just leave off those parts of the meal, and they are still generally very delicious.
  • Packaging – Most of the packaging is recyclable, so you don’t have to feel bad about it.  It’s also filled with ice packs, so that your food arrives cold and stays cold even if you are at work all day.
  • They will fix mistakes – The first box we got was missing an ingredient for one of the recipes.  I emailed Home Chef to let them know, and they gave me a $10 credit toward my next box.
  • It’s really easy to skip a week – You can use their website and just skip the weeks that you do not want to order meals.  We did this for our recent trip to Disney World and it was super easy.  I resumed delivery for the day we got back, which also saved us a trip to the grocery store right after traveling home.

The Cons:

  • Packaging – When we got our first box, we had a bottle of sauce leak in the bag.  Most of the time this does not happen, but occasionally it does. Even when it has happened, it was not so bad that it ruined the food or made it so I was unable to prepare the recipe.  Generally, I just pull the ingredients out of the bag, wipe things off and I’m good to go.

Overall, we have loved using Home Chef and have now used it for almost two months!  If you want to try it, please feel free to use the referral link above to get $30 bucks off your first order.